Frequently Asked Questions
What is clean?

Dirt and debris can make a space look messy, but “clean” is really more about removing harmful biological organisms like germs, viruses and bacteria. These bad actors can certainly hide in dust, dirt and debris, but they can also thrive on surfaces that look perfectly clean. Our bonded, insured and experienced cleaners know how to remove the dirt you see, as well as the dirt you don’t.

Will the chemicals that kill the germs harm me, my customers or my staff?

At Janitorial Excellence, we’ve spent as much time selecting our cleaning products as we’ve spent choosing our staff. We choose products that do the heavy lifting without endangering our cleaners, your employees or your customers. We’re happy to address any specific concerns you have regarding our cleaning products, and choose the products that meet your needs.

Do you perform background checks on your staff?

All of our cleaners are experienced, bonded and insured. We hire only those cleaners who have a verifiable employment history that demonstrates their commitment to uncompromising service and quality.

Do you guarantee satisfaction?

Absolutely. In addition to providing an experienced cleaning crew, the Janitorial Excellence owner inspects the quality of the finished work. This ensures that our cleaning services meet our expectations and yours – every time. If you’re ever dissatisfied with our work, we’ll work with you to deliver the service you expect.

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